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  • Are you Urgent Care?
    No. Dr. Van Houten is a Family Medicine Physician and is registered as a Primary Care Physician with the various insurance companies with which he is contracted.
  • Can you help me understand my EOB?
    We are happy to help you understand your Explanation of Benefits that you receive from your insurance company.
  • Why do I get a bill after paying my copay?
    After your appointment, VHMC staff file the claim with your insurance company. Once your insurance reviews your benefits, they will send an EOB to the patient and a remittance reply to VHMC. These forms indicate who is responsible for paying which portions of the claim. VHMC then bills the patient for the amount indicated as the patient’s responsibility. You are always welcome to call the office with any questions regarding your bill.
  • How is Medicare In-Network and Non-Participating?
    Dr. Van Houten is contracted with Medicare, thus in-network. The contract is set with Dr. Van Houten being Non-Participating which means that the patient pays for services up front, and Medicare reimburses the patient. VHMC charges only the amount that Medicare has listed in their current Fee Schedule; a new Fee Schedule is published each January. VHMC staff files all Medicare claims on behalf of the patient. Reimbursement checks are typically received by the patient within a month from the date of service. Please feel free to call the office with any questions.
  • Are you accepting new patients?
    Yes, Dr. Van Houten is accepting new patients.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    Please call (979) 484-2661 for an appointment.
  • With which hospital(s) are you affiliated?
    Dr. Van Houten is credentialed with Houston Methodist West Hospital, and can admit a patient directly to the hospital if needed. Dr. Van Houten has an agreement with Post Acute Medical Hospital (PAM) system to manage patients in a sub-acute setting.
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